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We get paid by the Government out of your back pay.

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“Doug is persistent, articulate and has assured me that everything will work out and that he will help me find solutions. His ability to be more than a professional and show his humanity is a unique and powerful characteristic and tool, especially for a lawyer.” – Kel

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“I have seen Mr. Greene represent his clients with passion and professionalism. I strongly endorse Mr. Greene. If you have a serious problem and you are looking for an experienced attorney, hire Mr. Greene now. ” – Douglas Herring, Criminal Defense Attorney

SSDI attorney in west windsor

For those who find themselves disabled unexpectedly, and before they have reached full retirement age.

  • Benefits based upon earnings
  • Financed by employer & wage contributions
  • No unearned income limit
  • No resource limit
  • Must have enough work credits
  • Medicare
  • Benefit types: Retirement (62+), survivor, disability (incl. blindness)
  • Benefits to eligible family members
  • Amount based upon average lifetime earnings
  • Other income does NOT affect benefits
  • Where you live or who lives with you does NOT affect benefits
SSI attorney in west windsor

For those with pre-existing disabilities, having difficulty gaining steady, stable income due to the disability’s effects.

  • Benefits based upon need
  • Financed by General Revenues
  • Limited income
  • Limited resources
  • No work credits are required
  • Medicaid (Medi-Cal in California)
  • Benefit types: Aged (65+), disabilities or blindness (incl. children)
  • No family benefits
  • Amount based upon Federal/State laws
  • Other income does affect benefits
  • Where you live or who lives with you MAY affect benefits
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