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SSDI Lawyers NJ Quotemarks

Over the last few months it has been my pleasure to have Douglas Greene assist me in filing and winning my Social Security Disability case.

Doug was recommended to me as an outstanding lawyer specializing in Social Security Disability law and proved to be just that, OUTSTANDING. Doug got me approved so quickly and was always available to answer all my questions and encourage me every step of the way. I’m so happy that he was willing to get involved from the start. Doug was even willing to sit with me as I filled out my application. I would not have had any idea how to respond to some of the questions and believe that without his knowledge I would not have been approved so quickly and without an appeal.

One time I emailed Doug while I knew Doug was on a family vacation. I didn’t want to forget my question before he got back. Within a few hours he responded, I felt so bad. The next time we spoke I apologized for bothering him while on his trip, I was sure he would have waited until his return to reply. Doug said it is his name on the door and he is always on call for his clients

I could not have been in better hands. I could not be more pleased with my choice of Douglas Greene to handle my Social Security Disability claim.. – Bruce on December 6, 2016

SSDI Lawyers NJ Quotemarks

I highly recommend Douglas M. Greene as an attorney with not only a vast wealth of knowledge regarding the intricacies of Social Security, but also a very personable attorney, with a lot of integrity, who obviously cares very much about his clients and will go the extra mile for them.-Jane Fearn-Zimmer Elder law attorney on March 13, 2016

SSDI Lawyers NJ Quotemarks

Doug Greene effectively negotiated with my landlord to pay for damages from ceiling leaks & dissolve the lease. He is an excellent attorney who works tirelessly for his client to get the situation rectified. He is the best… -Timothy Swanson on September 16, 2016

SSDI Lawyers NJ Quotemarks

After fighting a disability cessation case on my own for nearly 2 years, I decided it was time to hire an attorney, it was the best decision I made. I found Doug Greene through the mercer county bar association and he went to work on my case right away. He was fair on his fees, navigated me through the whole process and was available any time I needed him. He won my case, and I think without him I would’ve had a much different outcome. -Terri on September 12, 2016

SSDI Lawyers NJ Quotemarks

Thank you Doug Greene for representing me and doing such an outstanding job with my SSD case and winning! I value your professionalism beyond measure and would highly recommend him to my family, colleagues and friends. -DP on September 26, 2016

SSDI Lawyers NJ Quotemarks

Last month, I was involved in a dispute with my landlord. Unfamiliar with tenant rights, I was afraid of the possible consequences of our disagreement. After speaking with friends, I decided to seek counsel from a lawyer. I was referred to Doug by a client of mine.

From the first moment until resolution of the problem, Doug was incredibly attentive to me; I felt like his only client. Whenever I had questions, he was willing to speak with me without any time limits. If he was unable to take my call, I was directed to leave a message by the friendly members of his staff. I never waited more than a day for his response.

When my landlord’s lawyer sent me a letter with threatening language, I became worried and felt like quitting. But already in receipt of the same letter, Doug had written and sent a response within the day. I instantly felt calmed by this fact and reinvigorated to keep fighting. In the end, his efforts stymied my landlords efforts to have me vacate my residence and my rent costs were reduced.

Doug is in many ways the opposite of a stereotypical lawyer; he is warm, truly interested and is reasonably priced. And like a lawyer, he is professional, assertive, and persistent about getting you what you deserve. I highly recommend his services to anyone who is involved in a tenant/eviction etc dispute. – Noelle

SSDI Lawyers NJ Quotemarks

Douglas Greene is an excellent lawyer. He is very understanding and caring. Not only has he been very understanding with me and my case, but he has also shown me compassion. Doug not only is handling my case Probono, but when speaking with him, he makes me feel very comfortable and positive. – Ivy

SSDI Lawyers NJ Quotemarks

Douglas Greene has been extremely knowledgeable, compassionate and fair. He has gone above and beyond to assist me with my disability benefits issues along with other issues that I am sure I will retain him because he is just that good! He is persistent, articulate and has assured me that everything will work out and that he will help me find solutions. I find that his ability to be more than a professional and show his humanity, a unique and powerful characteristic and tool, especially for a lawyer. – Kel

SSDI Lawyers NJ Quotemarks

I have seen Mr. Greene represent his clients with passion and professionalism. I strongly endorse Mr. Greene. If you have a serious problem and you are looking for an experienced attorney, hire Mr. Greene now.– Douglas Herring Criminal defense Attorney on June 21, 2016

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